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What is your   sales strategy?


Are your field sales people wondering how they are going to hit their targets if their customers don't want to see them?

Do you and your team have the skills and the knowledge to be part of the solution or are they part of the problem?

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Are you a top sales professional? Is your team performing at the level they need to be? Do you have the skills to improve their performance? Do you have the time? Are you the best person? What happens if your team don't improve? What would that mean to your business? How would a scalable fast acting sales improvement process affect this issue?


Strategic Training will give you the real world performance management skills to supercharge your team.


Alternatively let us sort your team out for you.


How? Pick up the phone now and do your bottom line a favour.

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"Lorne has exemplary experience of the sales and recruitment industry. He has a profound ability to understand and deliver the latest techniques within the sales world. Lorne has a passion to improve and develop sales professionals. An individual I would recommend and attend any course he holds."




"Lorne's training ability is second to none. He has helped me and many other colleagues adapt to a very changing market. His style keeps workshops interactive and interesting and has helped me personally when I required support when taking on a more senior role."


Every course is bespoke, it starts with some tough questions, you've started the process already. How much do you want to make this year?


You've come this far, that means you are either serious about improving your sales performance or you are stalking me. Either way give me a call on 01332 899329  or email me