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Develop Your Sales Skills with the Coaching and Tools Provided by Internationally Acclaimed Sales Training Expert Kristina Susac

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    We will teach you:

    --sales skills
    --web resource development
    --in your own language
    --business skills

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    Are you looking for a way to cultivate loyal new customers, strengthen existing client relationships, and improve employee morale?
    Well now you can follow in the footsteps of over 20 Fortune 200 companies and partner

    Internationally acclaimed author and training consultant to Coca-Cola, AT&T, Xerox, and Citibank, Kristina Susac will show you how to motivate your employees and be the
    value solution your clients are looking for. Learn how to lock out the competition by tuning in to your customer’s changing needs.

    Integrating your unique company culture and vision into our Customer Service, Sales and Presentation Skills training seminars is our sought after specialty. Explore what we can do for you!

    Let us help you develop your sales and marketing capabilities with our proven techniques and training resources
       We have developed some innovative, practical and easy to use web marketing and sales products, tools and templates to increase traffic, conversions and sales leads coming to your business web site. We focus on “how” to efficiently and effectively maximize the quantity and quality of traffic at your web site. In other words, our systems will help you dramatically expand your local, regional and international marketing/sales distibution. We use the latest Internet technologies in working with both the global and local or in-country search engines. Additionally, we integrate traditional marketing with new online methods.

     This translates into significantly higher sales:
    • Increase your current revenues;target and grow traffic rates of qualified targeted customers to your web site
    • Implement new marekting/sales programs, innovative marketing templates
    • Implement latest Search Engine Optimization tools, traffic generation growth, qualified leads and increase lead conversions at your web site
    • Optimize your site with multiple keywords and search terms, optimize site content, index processes and reach top standing in search rankings
    • Develop jointly with you new web based advertising revenue programs
    • Develop affiliate marketing programs and relationships

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